Je Suis Malade

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🎬 '' Lara Fabian - Je Suis Malade ''.
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Lara Fabian – Je Suis Malade || Video Views: [[youtube_view_count id=”5kp0dw4MuWs”]]


Je ne rêve plus

je ne fume plus

Je n’ai même plus d’histoire

Je suis sale sans toi je suis laid sans toi

Je suis comme un orphelin dans un dortoir

Je n’ai plus envie de vivre ma vie

Ma vie cesse quand tu pars

Je n’ai plus de vie et même mon lit

Se transforme en quai de gare

Quand tu t’en vas

Je suis malade

Complètement malade

Comme quand ma mère sortait le soir

Et qu’elle me laissait seul avec mon désespoir

Je suis malade

Parfaitement malade

T’arrives on ne sait jamais quand

Tu repars on ne sait jamais où

Et ça va faire bientôt deux ans

Que tu t’en fous

Comme à un rocher

Comme à un péché

Je suis accroché à toi

Je suis fatigué

je suis épuisé

De faire semblant d’être heureux quand ils sont là

Je bois toutes les nuits mais tous les whiskies

Pour moi ont le même goût

Et tous les bateaux portent ton drapeau

Je ne sais plus où aller tu es partout

Je suis malade

Complètement malade

Je verse mon sang dans ton corps

Et je suis comme un oiseau mort quand toi tu dors

Je suis malade

Parfaitement malade

Tu m’as privé de tous mes chants

Tu m’as vidé de tous mes mots

Pourtant moi j’avais du talent

Avant ta peau

Cet amour me tue et si ça continue

Je crèverai seul avec moi

Près de ma radio comme un gosse idiot

Écoutant ma propre voix qui chantera

Je suis malade

Complètement malade

Comme quand ma mère sortait le soir

Et qu’elle me laissait seul avec mon désespoir

Je suis malade

C’est ça je suis malade

Tu m’as privé de tous mes chants

Tu m’as vidé de tous mes mots

Et j’ai le cour complètement malade

Cerné de barricades t’entends

Je suis malade

Lara Sophie Katy Crokaert known professionally as Lara Fabian (born January 9, 1970), in Etterbeek, Brussels, Belgium. She was born in Etterbeek, Brussels, to a Belgian father and a Sicilian mother. She lived the first part of her childhood in Sicily, Catania, (Sicilian mother) speaking Italian as her first language. She moved to Quebec in 1991 and since 1995, she has held Canadian citizenship alongside her Belgian one (Belgian father). Lara Fabian as better known, is a pop Singer and Songwriter. She has sold over 20 million records worldwide and is one of the best-selling Belgian artists of all time.

Singing mainly in French, she is also considered a talented songwriter, having written tracks for other popular artistes  She began taking music lessons as a child, and by the time she was ten, she began writing and singing her own songs. Her most popular albums include 'Carpe Diem', 'Pure', and 'Live', amongst others, with hit singles like ', 'Le jour où tu partira', 'Tu t'en vas', 'Tu es mon autre', and 'J'y crois encore'. She also recreated the Canadian anthem in French and English renditions. She is famous for having given her voice to the character of 'Esmeralda', in the French remake of the film, 'The Hunchback of Notre Dame'. Her song, 'Deux ils, Deux elles', is in particular, considered one of the most beautiful tracks she has ever produced. The recipient of prestigious honours like the ''Felix Awards'', ''World Music Awards'', and the ''IFPI Platinum Europe Awards''.

 In 2003, Lara Fabian returned to Brussels to be close to her parents in Belgium, In 2017, 
she returned permanently to Montreal, Quebec, to be with her family.
Vocalist 🎤: Lara Fabian

Lara Fabian "Je suis malade" 
Live 1999 - From ''Lara With Love''

Album: "Carpe diem"

written by: Serge Lama
composed by: Alice Dona

Released: June 1, 1994

Movie 🎬: Lara Fabian's live performance of "Je suis malade", recorded in 1999
 in Montreal Canada (released 2001).  
It is the 5th track from her 2nd studio album "Carpe Diem", released in 1994.
This performance of "Je suis malade" is taken from  the American television special
 "Lara Fabian: From Lara With Love", an intimate in-concert introduction to this international superstar.

Audience view from PBS tv special "From Lara With Love" rehearsals and recording session,
 which took place at the end of 1999.

It was recorded on location in front of a small live audience in Lara's home base of Montreal, Canada.  
She is backed by her band and is also joined by the Menasen Ensemble, an 87-piece orchestra from Montreal.

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