Doro Pesch, born Dorothee Pesch on June 3, 1964, is a German heavy metal singer and the former frontwoman of the heavy metal band Warlock. She’s often referred to as the “Metal Queen” and has made significant contributions to music and metal culture over three decades.
Doro started her career in garage bands in the underground scene of her native Düsseldorf. With Warlock, she achieved media visibility and commercial success in the 1980s. After Warlock disbanded, she pursued a solo career under the name Doro. Although her US breakthrough didn’t happen as expected, she remained successful in Germany and continued touring extensively.
Her popularity as a veteran singer grew considerably, inspiring new female metal artists. Doro has also performed duets with other metal musicians and was the first heavy metal artist to hold a drive-in concert during the COVID-19 pandemic. She has released 19 studio albums, with her latest being “Conqueress – Forever Strong and Proud” in October 2023. Doro Pesch has several iconic songs that have left a lasting impact on the heavy metal scene, some of her most famous tracks:

I’m In Love With You” in 2004, is a heartfelt song that beautifully captures the emotions of longing and desire from album Classic Diamonds, the ninth studio album.
“All We Are”: Released in 1987 with her band Warlock, this anthem became a staple at metal concerts. Its powerful chorus and memorable riff make it a fan favorite.
“Für Immer”: A ballad from Warlock’s album “Triumph and Agony” (1987), “Für Immer” showcases Doro’s emotive vocals and remains beloved by fans.
“Love Me in Black”: From her solo career, this song (featured on the 1998 album of the same name) combines heavy riffs with Doro’s signature vocals.
“Burning the Witches”: Another classic from Warlock’s debut album (1984), this track exemplifies their early sound and Doro’s fierce delivery.
“East Meets West”: A duet with Udo Dirkschneider (Accept’s former vocalist), this song celebrates the unity of metal fans worldwide.
Remember, Doro’s discography spans decades, so there are many more gems to explore!

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