Honey Bee

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Honey bee

Come buzzing me

I ain’t seen you for so long

I need to feel you

I mean to reel you

Like the one described to me in song

Out in the woods

Tall pine tree woods

She gave sweet loving to me

Her woodland grace

Her soft embrace

My face in shadow

Honey bee

Won’t you come see me in the morning?

Won’t you come see me late at night?

For it ain’t right, no it just ain’t right

You’re meant to turn away from the light

Night, all my lights are on

I need a little one on one

This useless, helpless feeling

A young man should be blessed with love

There’s just flesh and fire below

This drunken, senseless reeling

Hands on my face

Some silk and lace

Sweet perfume kisses

For me

Wherever you burn

I have returned

You lucky lady

Honey bee

I have to leave you in the morning

You always wanted to be free

Stay with me

Sweet lucky lady

Don’t ever leave me

Honey bee

Awake in cold places

Cool ice and icy faces

Some dead and some living

Most of them doing something in between

My lady in waiting

Must have turned to hating me

Some bitter awakening this has been

The next time she calls I’m gonna let her in

The next time she calls I’m gonna let her in

And if she leaves me in the morning

At least we both have been relieved

Now stay with me

Stay with me

Sweet lucky lady

Don’t you ever leave me

Honey bee

Madrugada is a Norwegian alternative rock Band formed in the town of Stokmarknes in 1993. The key band members included Sivert Høyem (vocals), Robert Burås (guitar) and Frode Jacobsen (bass). After Burås' death on 12 July 2007, Høyem and Jacobsen decided to finish recording what was to be their final album with the original lineup.[1] On 21 January 2008, the band released Madrugada and announced that they would split after one last tour. They performed their final concert of this tour on 15 November 2008.
In June 2018 it was announced that Høyem, Jacobsen and Lauvland Pettersen had reformed the band for a series of shows.
Band 🎤: Madrugada
Vocalist 🎤: Sivert Høyem

Album: "Madrugada"
Released: January 21, 2008

Madrugada is the fifth studio album by the Norwegian band Madrugada. It was released by the band's own label
Movie 🎬: The Notebook  (2004)👇
Actors: 📌Ryan Gosling       
  📌 Rachel McAdams

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