Claude Barzotti

Claude Barzotti, whose real name was Francesco Barzotti, was born on July 23, 1953 in Châtelineau, Belgium, and he passed away on June 24, 2023 in Court-Saint-Étienne. He was a Belgian singer of Italian origin who gained prominence during the 1980s.

Barzotti recorded several songs, each selling hundreds of thousands of copies. He began his musical career in France in 1981 with his song “Madame” which sold 400,000 copies. His first major success in 1981 was the song “Le Rital”. This title catapulted him to stardom.

Due to his distinctive voice and significant success in the French music industry, he is considered one of the most prominent French pop musicians of the 1980s. Barzotti’s music was also popular in Québec, with songs such as “Je ne t’écrirai plus”, “Prends bien soin d’elle”, “C’est moi qui pars”, and “J’ai les bleus”, ” Promets-Moi ” , ” Que Sais Tu De Moi ”, ” Belle ”, ” Je T’ Apprendrai L’ Amour ”,” Mais Quel Amour ”.

His last major hit was “Aime-moi” (Love Me) in 1990. Although Barzotti capitalized on the wave of nostalgia that swept France at the turn of the 21st century, he couldn’t recapture the musical prominence he once held.

Songs & videos 👇
Claude Barzotti – Belle
Claude Barzotti – Je T’ Apprendrai L’ Amour
Claude Barzotti – Promets-Moi
Claude Barzotti – Que Sais Tu De Moi
Claude Barzotti – Mais Quel Amour

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