Way Down We Go

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🎬 ''Kaleo - Way Down We Go''.
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Oh, father tell me, do we get what we deserve?

Oh, we get what we deserve

And way down we go

Oh, way down we go

Say, way down we go

Way down we go

Whoa, you let your feet run wild

Time has come as we all go down

Yeah but for the fall oh, my

Do you dare to look them right in the eyes?

‘Cause they will run you down, down ’til the dark

Yes, and they will run you down, down ’til you fall

And they will run you down, down to your core

Yeah, ’til you can’t crawl no more

And way down we go

Way down we go

Say, way down we go

‘Cause they will run you down, down ’til you’re caught

Way down we go

Whoa, baby, yeah

Whoa, baby


Way down we go


And way down we go

Way down we go

Say, way down we go

Way down we go

Kaleo (stylized as KALEO), KALEO a Hawaiian word that translates to "the sound"  
is an Icelandic blues rock band which formed in Mosfellsbær just outside of Reykjavik in 2012. 

Iceland's KALEO make soulful blues and folk anthems centered on 
lead singer Jökull Júlíusson's smoky vocals.

It consists of lead vocalist and guitarist Jökull Júlíusson, drummer David Antonsson, 
bassist Daniel Kristjansson, lead guitarist Rubin Pollock and harmonicist Þorleifur Gaukur Davíðsson. 

They have released three studio albums, Kaleo (2013), A/B (2016) and Surface Sounds (2021) 
as well as an EP, Glasshouse (2013). A/B has sold over one million albums worldwide. 
2One of the singles from A/B, "Way Down We Go", was certified double platinum 
in the US and reached number one on the Billboard Alternative Songs chart on 20 August 2016. 

Kaleo received a Grammy nomination in 2017 for Best Rock Performance for the song "No Good".
Band 🎤: Kaleo

Album: "A/B"

Released: August 7, 2015

"Way Down We Go" is a song by Icelandic rock band Kaleo, released as the second single for their first studio album A/B by Elektra Records and Atlantic Records. 
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Actors:📌 Amy Bailey
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