Nostalgia – Joana Desfosses & Lukas Gauntt

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🎬 '' Nostalgia - Joana Desfosses & Lukas Gauntt By Maria Kotrotsou ''.
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Nostalgia – Joana Desfosses & Lukas Gauntt By Maria Kotrotsou || Video Views: [[youtube_view_count id=”YJ6N0i58csM”]]


Your bright red shoes, I hear them always

Running through the cornfields alone

No care no worries

You were timid but you held my pale hand

And you guid’d me

To no man’s land

You would sing that lullaby

From your home town I knew it right

If you can play that old lost guitar

Then let us sing to the day

When we were young and fun

Like design on water our skin shows time

Those old reports and every day fights

Laughing at the same bad jokes, memories of joy

Tears gone by all dried upon the blind sun

But know that through it all

You kept me so strong

Maria Kotrotsou living and working in Paris. She writes orchestral, neoclassical, electronic, New Age music and has collaborated with well-known singers by writing songs for them. Her compositions have a strong cinematic character combining classical and electronic music.

Fascinated by music from a very young age, Maria decided to take piano lessons at the age of 6. Four years later, she participates in the piano competition of the Royal Academy of London, where she wins the first prize with distinction. In 2005 received her degree in piano with honors from the National Conservatory of Athens and then completed her studies at the legal department of the Faculty of Law, where she received her degree.
Maria Kotrotsou leaves for Paris and continues her higher studies in classical music at the École Normale de Musique in Paris, while also studying music composition. 

Her music, with an emphasis on the tracks of her five very successful albums "Renaissance" (2022), "In My Dream" (2020), "Silence" (2017), "27 mars" (2015), "Passion" (2013) ), as well as her three singles "Nostalgia" (2018), "When She's There" (2019) and "Expectations" (2019). In all her concerts so far, the halls are sold out with audiences of all ages, due to her multifaceted music, an audience that remains fascinated by the amazing skill and emotion caused by the musicality of her works.

Maria Kotrotsou has written music for cinema in France, China, as well as for performances in America.

Three of her musical pieces: "Pensées", "Nostalgia" and "Don't Stop Dreaming" were included in the Neoclassical Collection 2018, 2020 and 2021, among Philipp Glass, Ludovico Einaudi, Phil Collins, etc. as well as "Nous Deux" entered the Instrumental Classic Collection 2018.
Vocalist 🎤: Joana Desfosses         
 🎤: Lukas Gauntt

Composed, Produced and Arranged: Maria Kotrotsou

Lyrics: Daniela Stubbs Levi 

Album: ""Silence""

Released: December 15, 2017
Movie 🎬: Loving Vincent (2017)👇

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