Big Mike & The Booty Papas

Big Mike & The Booty Papas is a musical group composed of talented musicians based in Macon, Georgia, an area rich in musical heritage.
Big Mike & The Booty Papas are: Michael ‘Big Mike’ Ventimiglia (guitar, vocals), Hal Register (guitar, vocals), Glenn ‘Cuzz’ Hutchison (bass guitar, vocals) and Jerome ‘J.T.’ Thomas (Drums) and Tony Cooper on (Key boards).
Their interactive musical journey began around 1996.
They have 3 CDs, were nominated for 2 Grammy’s in 1998 (first round). Big Mike & The Booty Papas play 260-300 dates a year. They have been playing interactively for the past 10 years.
Big Mike and the Booty Papas breathe new life into the genre.
Their sound blends elements of blues, soul, and rock. Κnown for the song I’ll Take Care Of You .
They’ve released three CDs and were even nominated for two Grammy Awards in the first round of voting back in 1998.

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I’ll Take Care Of You

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