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🎬 Arno Elias – El Corazon
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    ¿Para qué vas a olvidar?

    Yo he tenido tanto temor

    ¿Para qué vas a olvidar?

    Si sólo quiero, tú amor

    Es el alma que me dice

    Que me dice que te siga

    Quiero darte

    Darte todo, todo, todo, todo

    Tú perdón

    Pero sé de amor


    Yo sí se de amor

    Sí se de amor

    Corazón, corazón

    ¿Para qué vas a seguir?

    Entiéndeme, yo te amo

    Y luchar por una vida, que vale la pena

    Eso es amor, entiéndelo amor

    Y yo tengo de to’

    Yo te tengo, tengo

    Te tengo más que eso

    Yo te tengo amor

    Te quiero dar, todo lo que

    Tú quieras

    Sé de amor


    Sé de amor

    Eres mi

    Eres mi corazón

    Eres mi corazón

    Yo te quiero dar amor


    Te quiero dar mi perdón

    Sé de amor

    Es el alma que me dice

    Que me dice que te siga

    Es el alma que me dice

    Que me dice que te siga

    Arno Elias (Born 1977 in Paris France). He is a French American artist, painter, photographer, musician, and activist. Globally known for his compositions in the album Buddha Bar Nature.

    Arno Elias began his career at the age of 8 years and became the lead guitarist for a rock band REX at 17 years of age. The majority of his work has been influenced by the American pop art movement and lyrical abstraction movement.

    In his 20s Arno was a fashion model working with designers and photographers such as Jean Paul Gaultier and Mario Testino. He is world known for his composition and production for the globally recognized Buddha Bar albums and the famous songs: Amor Amor, El Corazon .

    Arno Elias’s artistic journey encompasses various forms of expression, from music to visual arts. His commitment to raising awareness about wildlife conservation and indigenous cultures makes him not only an artist but also an activist. Through his lens and brush, he invites viewers to contemplate the interconnectedness of humanity, nature, and culture.

    The artist lives and works in the United States since 2002.

    Vocalist 🎤: Gloria Meaola
    Album: Buddha – Bar ”Nature”
    Composer: Arno Elias
    Released: May 26, 2008
    There is no information, there are no photos or anything
    related to this song about Gloria Meaola.
    Maybe she is an actress and this is the only song
    she ever recorded.
    Maybe for some reason either she didn’t want it
    or nobody wanted any information about her to exist.

    Movie 🎬: Serena (2014)👇
    Actors: 📌 Bradley Cooper
    📌 Jennifer Lawrence

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    1. De très belles vidéos bien construites, montées avec intelligence et brio où la musique et l’image s’harmonisent en une synchronisation…

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    5. Dear engelbert the song ( how do I stop loving you) so so beautiful 🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹


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