Christos Stylianou was born in Cyprus in 1974. He released his debut CD single (2001), along with his first CD Album ”Mare Anima” (2002). His work can be categorized under the new age and crossover classical music wave, enriched with ethnic elements. Christos Stylianou studied composition and orchestration in Athens, Greece. He has cooperated with sopranos Maria Latsinou, Olga Kassimis, Irene Zerva, Marietta Mitsidou, Anastasia Zanni, Trisha Hayward, as well as, the Choir “Polyfonia” of Cyprus. The lyrics of his songs are written by songwriter Corina Michaelidoy in Greek, English, Italian and even Latin. In June 2005, he was chosen by the management of Emma Shapplin to perform the opening act of her concerts in Cyprus. Known for his album “Tales of love” (2007), Opus Secundo (2008), Mystic & Secret 3 (2012) Christos Stylianou is the composer behind the songs of the most beloved Greek series “Tattoo” (2017) with songs “Crazy Land” “On a piece of paper”, “To be always here”, ”Cuando Vuelvas Amor” feat. Eleni Geraki, and “8 Words”. He collaborated with Eleni Zioga for the creation of songs for series “Illegal Love” and “Land of Olives” (2021)

Christos Stylianou 👇 Songs & videos
 Christos Stylianou - Crazy Land 
Christos Stylianou - Be With You ft Maria Latsinou
Christos Stylianou - Cuando Vuelvas Amor ft Eleni Geraki
 Christos Stylianou - No Puedo Saberlo ft Olga Kassimis 
Christos Stylianou 👇 Youtube Channel
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